User guides

Creating resources: a step by step guide leading you through the process of creating your own TeachVid resources.

Getting students signed up: a look at the various options available for registering students.

Classrooms – managing students: how to add students to your classrooms.

Setting assignments: a step by step guide to assignments and activity options.

Video times: cropping videos to make resources based on short snippets.

Learn mode: an explanation of the interactive controls in learn mode.

Activity mode: how activities work to build language skills via mini-tasks.

Sharing links: how to share links to TeachVid resources and activities.

Caption length: how long should each caption be for a transcript resource?

TeachVid Live: real-time time-limited scoreboard competitions

Exploiting a TeachVid resource: how to make use of a resource (subscriber or not)

Clipchat / MovieTalk: how to set up a TeachVid resource for clipchat / movietalk

Is TeachVid Free?: info on what users can do on TeachVid depending on registration / subscription

Creating video content for TeachVid?: info and guidance on how to create the sorts of resources that work best with TeachVid.