Video times: create resources from cropped videos

We’ve added an extra (optional) step into the TeachVid resource creation process: “Video times”.

Even relatively short videos – just a couple of minutes long – can actually involve quite a lot of text if you are making a resource based on the video transcript.

One way of exploiting a longer video is to essentially split it up into smaller sections, or just choose one specific section that contains the language that you want your students to practise. A 30-second snippet of video is often all that you require. And it’s much quicker to create too 🙂

The crop tool (see above) allows you to set a start and end time for your resource, essentially cropping the video so that you only need to use a small part of it with your students.

Simply drag the sliders into position, and the rest of the video creation process will then focus exclusively on the section that you have selected.

(Note that if you are editing an existing resource, any existing caption times and question times will be respected. Note also that it is not possible to crop the video to exclude any existing times / questions, so simply sliding the start time as far forward as possible and and the end time as far back as possible will force the video resource to fit exactly around your existing content.)

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