Sharing links to resources & activities

Every TeachVid resource page has a share button (at the top-right of the resource image preview), which allows users to share a link to that particular resource page via Facebook or Twitter (as shown in the image above).

That’s fine if you only want to share a link to the resource page. But we thought it might be a nice idea to allow users to do a bit more than that…

If you go to a resource page on TeachVid and then click on the “Open resource” button, you’ll see the resource pop-up open in “Learn mode”, like this:

A resource opened in “learn mode”

You’ll also notice that the URL in the browser’s address bar will have changed and it now has this added to the URL for the page:

Well, if you copy that full URL, including the bit at the end, this allows you to share a link that will (a) load the resource page and (b) automatically open the resource pop-up in learn mode. Try it:

Good eh?

You can also do the same with the various activities by navigating to the activity in question and then copying the URL from the browser’s address bar. Below are a few examples:

You can even link directly to the activity menu:

Note that you need to be using a desktop browser (i.e. not mobile) in order to copy and share links in this way directly from the browser’s address bar. But the links that you share will open correctly on all devices. 😊

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