YouTube Channel page on TeachVid

We recently added a YouTube Channel feature on TeachVid.

If you open any resource page on TeachVid – this one, for example – and you scroll down to below the “Printables” and the “Transcript” section, you’ll see a YouTube Info section.

This section is automatically generated and shows:

  • the “about” information for the YouTube channel to which the video used for the resource belongs (as long as the “about” text is not blank / empty).
  • a Video URL, linking to the video on YouTube.
  • a “More from this channel” button.
  • a button to access the YouTube Channel on YouTube.

The YouTube Info panel for a resource from the “TeachVid Information” channel.

If you click on the “More from this channel” button, it takes you to a channel page for that YouTube channel on Teachvid, which, for the “TeachVid Information” YouTube channel, looks like this:

An example of a YouTube Channel page on TeachVid.

The channel page includes the same “about” info from the YouTube channel, plus a button linking to the channel on YouTube.

It also includes image previews and links to ALL resources on TeachVid featuring videos belonging to the YouTube channel in question. So it’s a great place to go to access multiple resources based on the content of a particular YouTube channel.

The information that appears on the page includes any links that appear in the about text for the YouTube channel. Moreover, this information is customizable (by request), so TeachVid contributors / video content providers can use this to drive traffic back to their website, Facebook page, or wherever. So it’s a great way for content providers to promote their services.

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