All registered users can now create TeachVid resources

It was previously the case that only those with Teacher subscriptions to TeachVid were able to create resources on TeachVid…

Not any more 🙂

All registered users can now create their own TeachVid resources!!

If you go to the resources section of TeachVid (you’ll need to register – FREE – or log in if you’ve already registered), you’ll see that you now have a “My resources” tab which looks something like the image below:

My resources tab with no resources created

Simply click on the “Create new resource” button to start creating your own resource.

Note that registered users who are not subscribed as teachers (i.e. FREE users) can create up to 5 TeachVid resources.

This new level of access means that FREE users can try out the resource creation process and use their resources in class with their students – either front of class or by sharing a URL link with their students so that they can try the resources on their own devices or devices provided by the school.

So why subscribe to TeachVid?

Well, there’s no need to subscribe if you’re happy with the access level provided via the FREE registration.

BUT here are some reasons why you might want to subscribe if you are a teacher.

  1. Resource creation limits:
    Teachers can create an unlimited number of resources, compared with just 5 for FREE users.
  2. PDF printing:
    Teachers can print pdf worksheets etc for all resources on TeachVid that have pdfs available, whereas FREE users can only print pdfs for “featured resources”.
  3. Classrooms & assignments:
    Teachers can set up classrooms, invite students, set assignments and assessments for in class or at home, get feedback on assignment completion, scores etc. FREE users can’t.
  4. Created resource access levels:
    Teachers can create public resources that others can access via the resource search, allowing them to build up a TeachVid presence and reputation. FREE users can’t.
  5. Resource search:
    Teachers can access an advanced resource search. FREE users can’t.
  6. Copying resources:
    Teachers can copy resources uploaded by other users as “Public and copiable”. FREE users can’t.
  7. Access to other resources:
    Teachers (and Premium students) can access an unlimited number of TeachVid resources. FREE users are limited to featured resources plus an additional 10 resources per month (in addition to any resources they have created themselves).

Have a look at the pricing plans on the TeachVid website for more information.

Find out more about how to create a TeachVid resource by visiting our creating resources user guide.

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