Example classroom

Classrooms on TeachVid are set up by teachers, and users normally need to be sent an invitation to join these classrooms along with a password.

But we’ve now added an example classroom that anyone can visit.

The example classroom allows you to see what a classroom looks like – and what assignments and Live Sessions look like – from a student’s perspective. (The only difference here is that none of the assignments have a due date, and the Live Sessions are auto-generated roughly every hour.)

Anyone can visit the example classroom by following the link below. You don’t even need to be registered on TeachVid:


That said, if you want to try out the assignment activities or take part in the Live Session, you will need to register (FREE) or log in (if you are already registered). This is because TeachVid cannot save your activity progress if you are not set up as a registered user.

For more information about setting assignments in TeachVid, see our setting assignments user guide.

For more information about Live Sessions, see the Live Sessions user guide.

For more information about adding students to classrooms, see our classrooms / managing students user guide.

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