How can I use a TeachVid resource with my students?

This post looks at 5 different ways of exploiting a TeachVid resource with your students…

The Resource Page

1) The Resource Page

Students (or you) can search the resources to find one that they (or you) want to use. Spend time in Learn Mode listening, watching, pausing the video, comparing the languages, clicking the subtitles for text-to-speech and chunk notes etc. Students (if working individually) can then do any of the available activities in any order and have their scores and progress saved by TeachVid.

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Introducing LIVE SESSIONS on TeachVid

We’ve added a whole new side to *Private Classrooms on TeachVid: Live Sessions !!

(*Private classrooms are classrooms set up just for your students, to whom you provide an access code so that they can join. The difference between Private and Public classrooms is that teachers can see students / student data for Private classrooms, AND they can set Live Sessions.)


Live Sessions are accessed via the “Live” tab in your private classroom. If you have a Teacher subscription and you have created a private classroom, this is what that looks like:

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Example classroom

Classrooms on TeachVid are set up by teachers, and users normally need to be sent an invitation to join these classrooms along with a password.

But we’ve now added an example classroom that anyone can visit.

The example classroom allows you to see what a classroom looks like – and what assignments and Live Sessions look like – from a student’s perspective. (The only difference here is that none of the assignments have a due date, and the Live Sessions are auto-generated roughly every hour.)

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