Duplicating and re-assigning classroom assignments

Several teacher subscribers asked us if we could add a new feature: the ability to duplicate existing classroom assignments and re-assign to the same classroom or assign to other classrooms. So we did that 🙂

This means that you can easily assign the same assignment to all of your classes, without having to go through the process of selecting resources, selecting activities, setting activity parameters etc.

Simply click on the new “Duplicate assignment” button (see below)…

Click the “Duplicate assignment” button.

…and you will see a popup which looks something like this:

“Duplicate assignment” options.

Re-assign to current classroom

As you can see, you have the option to re-assign to the same classroom. Why would you want to do that? Well, it’s a good way of resetting an exact copy of an assignment that some or all of the students have already completed. (It’s a good way of seeing progress, for example, by re-assigning an assignment from several months previously…)

Simply click on the “Re-assign to this classroom” button, and an exact copy of the assignment will be added to the classroom, with “(COPY)” added to the assignment title. (You can edit the title, the instructions, the activities and the completion due date via the “Edit assignment” button once the assignment has been duplicated.)

Copy to one or more other classrooms

Provided that you have other classrooms available (i.e. other classrooms for which you are a teacher), you will see the option to select one or more of your classrooms to copy the assignment to.

Simply select one ore more of your classrooms, then click on the “Assign” button. An exact copy of the assignment will be copied to all classrooms selected.

You can edit the title, instructions, activities and completion due date via the “Edit assignment” button in the classroom to which the assignment has been duplicated.

An assignment re-assigned to the same classroom, with the title modified.

We hope you find that this makes the job of setting assignments for multiple classes much quicker and easier.

See also this user guide on setting classroom assignments in TeachVid.

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