A Festive Selection of Spanish Resources from TeachVid

This post features a small selection of 🎅 Christmas themed TeachVid resources in 🇪🇸 Spanish.

Some of them are “featured” resources, which are identified on the resource page and in the resource search with a gold star. “Featured” means that anybody can access the following, even without registering:

  • Learn Mode (i.e the interactive video player)
  • Activity Mode (i.e. the many interactive activities)
  • The PDF printables

For the resources with are not “featured” resources, anybody can access Learn Mode, even without registering. Activity mode for these resources will require you to register for free / log-in (you get access to 10 non-featured resources per month as a registered user). For non-featured resources, PDF printables are only available to those with an active Teacher Subscription.

(If you are accessing these in the run up to Christmas, most of these should be listed as “featured” resources. That may change if you access them at different times in the year.)

Feliz Navidad” – Fab version of this classic Christmas song.

Fum, fum, fum” – A traditional Spanish Christmas song.

Santa Claus llegó a la ciudad” – Spanish version of the song “Santa Claus is coming to town”.

Hoy es Navidad” – Spanish version of “Jingle Bells”.

Mensaje de Papá Noel” – Santa talks to the children from Lapland.

Lo que compartimos es más fuerte” – The Coca Cola 2019 commercial in Spanish.

Mi burrito sabanero” (Song)

Esta Navidad mi deseo eres tú (Give me 5)
(no English translation)

Justino (Lotería de Navidad)

A movietalk resource based on the 2015 Lotería commercial.

Los Reyes Magos” (advanced)

Plenty more like these available on the TeachVid resources page at https://www.teachvid.com/resources


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