Classrooms – managing students

For teachers, TeachVid classrooms are a place where they can assign activities and assessments for their students to complete. Any TeachVid user with a teacher subscription can create their own classrooms, add students, set assignments and assessments.

This post deals with how to invite and manage students in private classrooms.

(Public classrooms can be accessed by all premium students, but teachers of public classrooms have no control over those who join.)

Once you have created your private classroom, open the “Edit” tab, and you should see something like the following:

The classroom edit tab.

To add students to your class, simply click on the “Invite Students” button, and you should see a popup containing the “join” url for the class, a classroom code and password.

Inviting students.

Copy the url from the pop-up to share with your students along with the password that they will need to join the classroom.

Or tell them to go to the classrooms page, click on the “Join classroom” button and key in the classroom code and the password when prompted.

Once they have joined your class, your students will see the classroom listed in their classrooms list whenever they go to the classrooms page (accessible from the main navigation menu).

You can also invite teachers to join your class as additional teachers, giving them the same level of access and control as you have. (This works by sending an email. The recipient of the email must have a teacher subscription in order to join the class as a teacher).

By default, the students will be displayed in your classroom using the names that they used to register themselves with TeachVid. You can change the names that appear in your student list — to make them more consistent, for example — by clicking on the “Change student list” button, changing the names and then saving the changes.

If you’d like to see how classrooms work in TeachVid, as well as trying out assignments which are intended to demonstrate the various assignment activity options available, please visit this Example Classroom, which has assignments similar to those shown in the images above and below. (You’ll need to register / log-in if you want to try the activities. You can register for free.)

Assignments list on “French Example Classroom”

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