Getting your students signed up to TeachVid

If you are registered on TeachVid with a Teacher (or School) subscription, you will want to get your students signed up so that they can access resources, join your classroom, do assignments etc. There are several options for getting your students signed up to TeachVid.

1) Standard registration – confirm via email

If your students have their own email accounts and are able to receive emails from any source, you could use the standard registration procedure.

Your students simply go to TeachVid, click on the “Sign up for Free account” button (registration is also accessible via the login button in the menu), and fill in their name and email address, and then give themselves a password. They will then be redirected to a confirm email message, like the one below.

They will then need to click on the confirmation button in the email message sent to the email address that they used to register. This will complete the registration process and they will have student access to TeachVid.

2) Google / Facebook log-in

If your students have Google or Facebook accounts, they can simply choose the appropriate option from the register box.

This avoids the need to confirm via email and to create a special password for use on TeachVid, as email and password confirmation is carried out via Google or Facebook accordingly.

Log-in via Google is a great option for Google-integrated schools where all students have gmail accounts.

3) Teacher-confirmed emails

If your students are unable to receive emails from external sources (because school or district policy dictates that school emails are for internal use and approved domains only), and they don’t have gmail accounts, you may confirm student emails via your own “Profile” page.

Click on the “Add email” button, and then type or paste a list of student email addresses separated by line breaks (i.e. one email address per line), and then save the data.

This allows students to register using the standard registration procedure (1) above, but removes the need for them to confirm their email address. Simply by registering, their email and account will be automatically confirmed.

Note that it doesn’t matter whether students register first or you confirm their emails first. The process works either way. That said, it’s probably best if you pre-confirm their emails via your profile first, as this avoids the situation where they are stuck on the confirm-email page while they wait for you to add their email address to your list of confirmed student emails.

How do I add Premium students?

The registration procedures outlined above apply to both Free and Premium students.

BUT if you have paid for premium students as part of your subscription, you will need to give your students premium access by adding them to your premium students list in your teacher profile.

Click on the “Add student” button, and then type or paste a list of student email addresses separated by line breaks (i.e. one email address per line), and then send the invitation / save the data.

(This sends an invitation email to the students listed, but it doesn’t matter if they are unable to receive the email. Essentially this is a way of telling students to go to TeachVid and to register. They can register using any of the methods outlined above.)

Your already-registered students will have their student status changed from Free to Premium, while your not-yet-registered students will automatically be given Premium access once they have registered.

Adding students to my classroom

The sections above explain the procedures for getting students signed up on TeachVid. If you also want to add them to a classroom, you need to provide them with a “join” link and a password.

Go to your classroom, and select the “Edit” tab. Click on the “Invite students” button to see the join url and the password which students will need to use to join your classroom. (See image below)

Copy the url to share with your students along with the password that they will need to join the classroom.

Or tell them to go to the classrooms page, click on the “Join classroom” button and key in the classroom code and the password when prompted.

By the way, if you’d like to see how classrooms work in TeachVid, as well as trying out assignments which are intended to demonstrate the various assignment activity options available, please visit this Example Classroom, which has assignments similar to those shown in the images above. (You’ll need to register / log-in if you want to try the activities. You can register for free.)

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