Special TeachVid offer for textivate subscribers

TeachVid has teamed up with textivate to provide a special offer for textivate subscribers: textivate users with an active Premium or Group subscription can now get 1 month’s FREE teacher access on TeachVid.

All you need to do is go to TeachVid and register for a FREE account, making sure to use the same email address that you use for your textivate account. After confirming your email address you will receive an email confirming your change of status to teacher on TeachVid.

Note that this special offer for textivate subscribers is entirely separate from the free 1 month trial available with all paid TeachVid subscriptions. So once your free textivate-linked teacher trial is finished, you can sign up to one of our paid plans and still get the first month free.

(Not familiar with textivate? Check it out here.)

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