Worksheet improvements :)

We’ve added some new functionality to the TeachVid printables!

Select your own words before printing

Previously, if you clicked on the “Gap fill” button, it automatically printed a random gap fill (with roughly 1 in 7 words gapped, up to a maximum of 30 gaps).

If you click on “Gap fill” now (as of 1st August 2019), you’ll see that the random option is still there, but there is also a new option to select your own gaps. (See image below).

New toggle for Random vs Select words

If you click the toggle so that “Select words” is selected, you will see the transcript for your resource appear in the pop-up, and you can select and deselect words to be gapped simply by clicking on them. Couldn’t be simpler!

This means that you can print PDFs where you decide what the focus of the activity should be, rather than simply using the random settings.

Multiple-word gaps

And if you select two or more adjacent words to be gapped, you will see a + appear between the adjacent words offering you the option to join the adjacent words into a single multi-word gap. (See how this has been done in the image at the top of this post.)

Not just Gap fill…

And these new changes don’t just apply to the Gap fill pdf. They also apply to:

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Initials
  • Spell

So for these “fill in the letters” printables, in addition to the previous option to use the slider to select what proportion of the overall text should be affected, you can now select your own words.

New “Select words” option for several worksheets

Differentiated worksheets?

And the beauty of this new functionality is that your selected words are saved – as long as you remain on the page – so that you can use the same selected words for a range of worksheets, effectively providing differentiated cloze-type activities for the same set of words.

Try it for yourself…

Click on the link below to visit the resource page for the resource featured in this blog post, which is a featured resource, so anybody can print the PDFs, even without registering. (Printing PDFs for resources other than featured resources requires an active teacher subscription.)

Una descripción de mi casa

And here’s a French featured resource too:

Tu veux sortir avec moi?


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